FlashHarp is the musical geek's flash drive

One thing I tried to play when I was young and couldn't come anywhere close to making an actual tune with is a harmonica. I always thought that dude from Blues Traveler could play the crap out of a harmonica so it couldn't be that hard, I was very wrong. If you are an aspiring harmonica player that wants to take digital lessons with you on how to play wherever you and your trusty instrument might go the FlashHarp is for you.

This thing is a combination of a normal harmonica that you can actually play and a flash drive. One end of the FlashHarp has a USB connector on it and you can plug that end into your computer to retrieve lessons on playing. The flash drive has 2GB of storage and you can store other files on the FlashHarp too. The USB connector has a plastic cap to keep it safe.

The instrument is made in the USA by hand with high quality parts. The dimensions of the FlashHarp are 3.5" x 1 3/16" x 15/16". You can order the 2GB version of the drive right now for $49.95 with free shipping. There was also a 4GB version available to purchase, but the item has been removed.

[via Etsy]