Flash on the iPhone - What Adobe should have said, was nothing

So apparently what Adobe really meant when they said that they could bring Flash to the iPhone with just the SDK was that they could start working to bring Flash to the iPhone using the SDK. They can't actually bring Flash to the iPhone until Apple gives them more access to the background services and all that jazz.

Furthermore, as I mentioned yesterday, even they get said access, once they finish the app it will still be a no go until Apple lets them into the party. So basically we are back at square one with no Flash support or a too terribly good hope of it coming any time soon.

However, I hear the Jailbreak Dev Team would welcome Adobe with open arms, but you can rest assured there'd be no way in hell Apple would let Adobe on the iPhone officially if they started dealing with the Jailbreakers. So, hopefully Apple quits being a douche and lets Adobe do their thing so that the most fully functional mobile browser out there can get even more functional.

[via phonemag]