Flamebone: The best way to make band cool again?

There are a few cool, marching bands out there. The last time I took the kids to a parade there was a band from one of the community colleges that danced around as they played and it was cool. For the most part marching bands are a bit boring. I would totally go to the concerts the local high school puts on for its band if they had horns that shot flames. This guy has taken a trombone that will actually play and turned it into a flamethrower.

The maker of the horn says that the fireball created goes about 25-feet, though there is some debate on if that is an accurate measurement or not. The flame throwing kit on the horn appears to be a small tank of butane, a bunch of brass tubing, and compressed air to make the flame shoot out. I wonder if these things are legal? It seems the police would take issue with someone building a flamethrower at home.

The builder says that they took safety steps using all copper piping and other stuff. I don't see much safety there; one failure with compressed gas an inch from your head and things will get very bad for the player very quickly. The kid in the video looks to be about high school age, I wonder if the parents knew what he was up to. This would bring a completely new dimension to battle of the bands though.

[via The Awesomer]