Five awesome devices for your Wink connected home setup

Nate Swanner - Jul 8, 2014, 1:15pm CDT
Five awesome devices for your Wink connected home setup

You want a connected home, but what about the expense involved? Quirky’s Wink Hub makes having a connected home a pretty streamlined endeavor, serving as a base platform for all your connected devices. The hub itself is low-cost and readily available, but what about the devices that link to it? Here are five that we really like for starting your connected home project.

Dropcam Pro

That’s right, Dropcam will work with Wink! The famed Google-owned company’s flagship device will work perfectly with Wink, providing a useful home security camera setup for all. Dropcam even provides recording of your activity for up to 30 days, which requires a monthly subscription. If you just want the ability to check on your home right from the Wink app, though, Dropcam is very useful.



Okay, so it’s not the Nest thermostat everyone drools over, but Honeywell’s option comes from a trusted name who know a thing or twelve about thermostats. Connecting to Wink only means you’ll get added control from anywhere you are, all from the Wink app. How useful is that?! Go on vacation and never worry about the house getting too warm or cold. You can even set the temp before you leave work for a refreshing arrival home.



Come on, you knew we’d talk lighting! Both the Philips Hue and GE connected lights work with Wink, so you have your choice as to which works best for you. Even better than a connected lightbulb is a wall switch. Wink can work with both Leviton and Lutron connected light switches, which is handy — even more handy when you can ditch the remote that comes with the Lutron setup.


Egg Minder

Ever cracked open an expired egg? It’s a harrowing experience. The smell, the process of getting rid of it — it’s all bad. Wouldn’t you rather not stare at an egg carton quizzically, wondering if expiration dates are really important, or if the fridge was cool enough? The Egg Minder will let you know how fresh your eggs are, and can even alert you when you’re low or out. Handy when you’re at the store debating the egg stock at your home.

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The Power

Plug it in, and control it from your smartphone. Wink works with at least two power supply solutions, currently. The Quirky power strip is both connected to Wink and can flex at various points in the power strip. Leviton makes a connected wall outlet in addition to their light switch, so you can turn lights on and off from your smartphone, or even control the power output more carefully in your home.




Wink is easily the best connected home platform on offer, and is only made better by being the cheapest. While these are five options for you to consider when making your connected home a reality, this is just a sampling of what Wink has on offer. Everything from thermostats to door locks are also included, and an incoming garage door opener and smoke alarm setup will really set your home up for connected success. For the full list of items, check out the Wink products page.

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