is a Shape-Shifting Mannequin

Evan Selleck - Jul 21, 2010
1 is a Shape-Shifting Mannequin

Have you ever purchased some clothing online? Have you ever purchased clothing online that you had never tried on before? If so, or if not, then you probably know that it can be a bit tricky, considering you don’t get to see how it looks on you, or if it will even fit in general. So, what should you do? We’d say that you should look at, the shape-shifting mannequin, but . . . It’s a shape-shifting mannequin.

Basically, is a robotic torso that features flexible panels that can shift into thousands of different variations of sizes and shapes. You’ll get the full effect, from small to extra large, just by changing the very shape of the mannequin’s torso. You’ll be at your favorite clothing store’s website, and you’ll enter in your exact measurements (no cheating, now; would defeat the purpose, after all), and the retailer on the other end of the transaction will be able to fit your new outfit to the mannequin, which is acting as you by proxy, and then you can see how it looks through pictures. No word on when this might actually start getting used, but we’ll go ahead and say that if this ever gains a head and starts thinking for itself, we’re in for a world of hurt.

[via BBC]

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