Fisheye lens looks like Oscar the Grouch built it

Lenses for cameras can get very expensive with some lenses costing as much or more than the cameras you attach them too. If you want a cool fisheye lens for your digital camera, but don't want to drop the big bucks to buy one, you might follow this DIY recipe.

The recipe should work well considering the dude behind it works as a research engineer for Industrial Light and Magic. The lens uses a single element film projector lens picked up at a yard sale for $3, a wide-angle peep hole costing $6, some foam, and an empty soda can.

A hose clamp and an adapter to fit the works onto his camera from eBay round out the materials. In the end, the lens looks like something Oscan the Grouch would cobble together, but the images speak for themselves. Not bad at all for what appears to be under $20 in materials.