First Sony and now PBS: Look out Big Bird

LuzSec, the group that preciously took credit for hacking the website for Sony BMG in Japan, has claimed credit for cracking PBS's website and posting all of its login credentials. According to LuzSec, they were "less than impressed" with the Frontline coverage of the WikiLeaks special entitled WikiSectrets. Is Elmo next? Who knows what Oscar the Grouch has hidden away in that trash can of his. Apparently LuzSec was not the only one critical of the WikiLeaks special. But LuzSec has more attacks in store, read on for the rest of the story.

Apparently just before the PBS hack, LuzSec issued a warning via Twitter that they are "working on another Sony operation." After the recent Playstation debacles, we are not very inspired with overwhelming confidence in Sony. But the real issue is not Sony or PBS, the real issue is that some of the biggest IT firms in the world seem to be easy prey for rouge hacker groups. Some are wondering if these types of hacker attacks are more dangerous than Terrorists.

Obviously these are not threats to Homeland Security, but these targets have big money, and they spend big piles of it on security. It is no wonder that average consumers are being hammered with so much fraud and identity theft. No one is a fan of bad journalism, but these types of attacks are right up there near Domestic Terrorism. WikiLeaks issued their own unedited version of the Frontline interview to help set the record straight. That type of response seems a lot more realistic and a lot less dangerous, and probably a lot more effective.

Ever since the advent of the internet it has been clear that no secrets are safe. No senator can hide his affair, no corporation can hide unscrupulous practices, and the home address of the Snuffalupagus is probably posted on the internet. The only way we can find to ensure zero successful attacks is to sell your house and move to a cave in Oregon. Until then, watch yourself when you surf, and save me a seat in the cave.

[via Andy Greenburg]