First real Star Wars 1313 game play footage shown off at E3

If you follow gaming, you're paying attention to the E3 news, and you would've heard by now that a new Star Wars video game is being shown off at the show called Star Wars 1313. The 1313 in the title refers to level 1313 on the planet Coruscant, which is made up of thousands of levels. This particular level is where the underworld is based.

This is stuff we already knew about the video game, a video has surfaced that shows the first actual game play footage, and the game looks fantastic. The opening sequence in the video, which you can view below, looks like an animated CGI cartoon. It is actual game play footage rendered from the video game demo.

That is very impressive to say the least. The second part of the video shows real player controlled game play footage. I think this will be one of the most anticipated video games to surface at E3 this year. I know I can't wait to play this on my PC. There is no word whether the game will be coming to consoles at this point.

[via Kotaku]