First pic of new Pentax NC mirrorless camera system surfaces

Sources have been hinting to some camera centric sites that a new mirrorless camera is set to land at Pentax in May or June. All anyone really had to go by was the world of these unnamed sources. Now a new picture of the Pentax NC mirrorless digital camera has surfaced with a couple of lenses in tow.

The camera in the pictures is labeled NC-1 and it has a silver and very retro design. Apparently, Pentax was out to create the smallest mirrorless system in the world and it looks like it succeeded. The camera has a 1/3,33" sensor that is about the size of the sensor in most compact cameras. The resolution is said to be 14MP and it can record HD resolution video in H.264 format.

A pair of lenses will come along with the camera including a prime 8.5mm f/1.9 lens and a zoom 5-15mm f/2.8-4.5 lens. The exact dimensions of the camera are not offered yet, but man do the lenses look small in that image. Apparently, in addition to this camera Pentax will also have an APS-C sensor mirrorless camera system that is larger than the tiny camera in the photo and will work with current K-mount lenses. That system is rumored for this summer.

Thanks Toby!

[via Mirrorless Rumors]