First ever Yahoo Mobile Developers Conference set for February 19, 2015

Google has one; so does Facebook. Apple's own event sets a standard, and even Samsung has jumped on-board. Now, Yahoo has their own Developer's conference, with the focus being on mobile. The first ever Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference will take place on February 19, 2015. Recent Yahoo acquisition Flurry will figure prominently, with Yahoo saying they'll introduce what's next from Yahoo as it relates to mobile Developers. Yahoo exec Simon Khalaf will also give a "State of Mobile" address to attendees.

Flurry seems poised to announce a set of tools for mobile Devs at the conference. According to the blog post via Yahoo (penned by Flurry's Jarah Euston, though), they'll roll out "a suite of tools that will help mobile developers better understand their users and improve, grow and monetize their apps."

If you're not sure who or what Flurry is, they're a mobile analytics firm recently snapped up by Yahoo. With a suite of tools set to encourage more monetization, the aim seems to be for Yahoo to recreate for mobile what Google did for the web.

The free-to-attend conference will only be for the day, it seems. Outside of saying when it will be, Yahoo only offers it will be in the Bay Area; we've got no word on the venue as yet.

If you're interested on attending, or just want to keep up on the event, a Tumblr account has been set up just for the event. As details emerge (will this keynote from Khalaf see a livestream?), Yahoo will likely use Tumblr as their repository for info.

Source: Yahoo