FireWire flash drives from OCZ

We know OCZ mostly for their high-end RAM, but they also produce some pretty nice flash drives as well. Their latest USB drives don't appear to disappoint.

FireWire has been around on Macs for a long time, and they've finally crept their way onto a lot of PCs. So why not make flash drives that plug into those open FireWire ports? OCZ has announced two drives that can do just that. One can plug into the standard four or 6-pin FireWire 400, and the other can plug into the lightning-quick FireWire 800.

My question is what happens when you want to download your files onto a friend's PC that doesn't have a FireWire port? It looks like you're out of luck. Or you need to start hanging around people that use Macs.

OCZ Rally 2 FireWire Flash Drives, Good When Your USB Ports Are Stuffed [gizmodo]