Firefox Will Block Some Flash Content Starting Next Month

As of next month, Mozilla will have its Firebox browser block some Flash content, following the same trend we've seen with the other major Web browsers. Only non-essential Flash content will be blocked; this includes Flash elements that aren't visible to the end user. As a result, says Mozilla, users will experience less issues with Flash crashing or causing the browser to hang. Battery life, page load speeds, Firefox's responsiveness, and overall security will all be improved as a result.

Many browsers have moved to block Flash content by default, doing so primarily for security reasons. Flash has been the source of may security vulnerabilities over past months and years, and many have called for Flash to be put out to pasture as a result. Starting in August, Firefox users will find some Flash content blocked, though Mozilla says it'll start off small.

Only a "short, curated list" of Flash elements will be blocked on Firefox initially, something that should help keep any compatibility issues on websites to a minimum. Mozilla says it will add more Flash content to the block list in the future.

Bigger changes will come next year, with Mozilla saying that Firefox will require users to manually approve a Flash plugin before the website can show that content. Hopefully most of the destinations you visit will have gravitated to the proper HTML tech by that time, but users should plan on seeing that change some time in 2017.

SOURCE: Mozilla Blog