Firefox Price Wise, Email Tabs want to make holidays less stressful

JC Torres - Nov 13, 2018, 5:49am CST
Firefox Price Wise, Email Tabs want to make holidays less stressful

They call it the holidays but for some people, those days are even more nerve-wracking than regular days. From the travel accommodations that have to be made to the presents that have to be bought, people are flooded with more information than they would normally get during any other day. And since most of that information is coming from the Web, Mozilla is trying out some new tricks to let Firefox help rather than add to the problem, like keeping track of prices for you or helping you email links to yourself.

They could have called it Penny Wise but Price Wise is probably a less scary name. The feature is pretty specific and probably won’t be of much use in any other context. Say you’re browsing for new shoes and want to compare prices across different retailers. You can do that manually but you’ll never know if one of them changes.

Simply add those products to your Price Wise list and let Firefox watch over those prices for you. When a change happens, it’ll let you know and you can even right then and there put in an order for it. Sadly, it expects you to be in the US and buying only from Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot, at least for now.

But say you don’t want to buy things yourself but want to show those products to someone else. The normal recourse of users is to email links around. Inefficient, but we’re not going to judge. Instead, Firefox Email Tabs will help you send those tabs to your email Inbox (Gmail only for now), ready to forward to someone else. You can even just copy the links in the tabs to your Clipboard for pasting in some proper link or note sharing service.

Both Price Wise and Email Tabs are part of Firefox’s Test Pilot program for experimental features. And lest you think those features live and die only in that program, Mozilla is announcing that Side View, Send, and Color will soon be available to the general public as standalone extensions or services.

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