Firefox flirting with half-baked Chrome launcher rival

If you're a fan of the Firefox Web browser, you know that things haven't been going too well over Mozilla. The Firefox browser has been bleeding users to other browsers like Google Chrome to the point that it is actually dropped in rankings for users. The Firefox team over at Mozilla is intent on getting the users back and its daily builds show they are playing with new features, even if those features have apparently been pulled already.

The current version of Firefox that Mozilla workers are crafting is Firefox 12. Recently, the daily builds showed up with a couple new features that are very reminiscent of Chrome features. Some fans of Firefox will be upset to hear that the features that were added and removed included one that many been waiting for, the new tab page. The other feature was the home tab. While the new tab page wasn't part of Firefox test build for long, it was up long enough for people to see what it was about.

The page was a three by three grid that showed you little pictures of the most visited websites that you had been to, intended let you just click on the pictures and go to the site. Chrome has had this for a while, but it's not a feature that many use. The Firefox home tab is a little strip the bottom of the browser that has launchers, in those launchers let you go directly to certain things in the browser such as downloads, settings, apps, and more. Now for the bad news, over the weekend Mozilla pulled the new tab page from Firefox 12 along with the home tab. Honestly, I don't see either of those two features being anything particularly exciting. Do you think those are important features? If you use Firefox are those two features something you will miss?

[via Extremetech]