Firefox brings WebRTC capabilities to your mobile device

Mozilla plans on bringing Web Real-Time Communications not only to its Firefox browser on desktop PCs, but to mobile devices as well. Mozilla says that WebRTC features will be able to sync with your existing phone number, and you won't have to download any additional plugins to use it. The WebRTC capabilities will be able to perform many functions, including voice/video calls and SMS/MMS messaging.

The project is led by Mozilla, and is being developed by the W3C WebRTC working group. PeerConnection, getUserMedia, and DataChannels are all chiming in as well to make sure that the new feature runs both seamlessly and securely. PeerConnection enables security for your calls, getUserMedia lets developers (with your permission) capture data from your video camera/microphone, and DataChannels combined with audio/video chat can send data to any web browser it has access to. All audio/video communcations are encrypted for safe and private calls.

If you're a Firefox Aurora user, you can test drive the WebRTC features right now. Mozilla believes that implementing this new feature in its web browser is very innovative. If you come across a news story, sale, or any web page that interests you, you can easily drag and drop the link into a video call that you're in. Mozilla also believes that this could change the way that online customer service works. Currently there are customer service web chats available with many services, but in the future, customer service reps could video chat with you and show you a demonstration of their products.

Mozilla will be demonstrating its WebRTC features at Mobile World Congress this week, and we'll get you more scoop on that. Mozilla is also planning on showing a demonstration of its Firefox operating system that its hoping will make it a major competitor in the mobile market place. You can also check out some of the other innovative technologies introduced at Mobile World Congress here.

[via Mozilla]