Firefox Beta 18.0 supports Retina Display

Mozilla has launched its latest Firefox beta for mobile and desktop, bringing a host of new features, including Retina Display support. Also tossed into the mix is W3C Touch Event support, as well as opt-in search suggestions and improved phishing security for Android users. You can nab the latest download over at the Mozilla website.

New features include Retina Display support for OS X 10.7 and higher, as well as preliminary support for WebRTC. A new HTML scaling algorithm is present in the beta release, which provides better image quality than is available in other iterations of the browser. There are also performance improvements when switching between tabs.

A couple fixes have also been included. Insecure content loading on HTTPS pages has been disabled, while the responsiveness experienced by proxy users has been improved. There's added support for "@supports," and a faster startup time. Finally, for the designers out there, CSS3 Flexbox, also called Flexible Box, has been implemented.

Of course, as with all beta releases, there are some known issues. Starting up the browser with a locked profile will cause the application to crash, for example. Some users will experience slow scrolling in Gmail, while starting in "-private" mode will return the false message that the user is not Private Browsing. Finally, for those on Windows, using System Restore soon after updating the browser could result in being unable to run future updates.

[via Firefox]