Fire TV's new AtHome section curates free shows from major partners

Amazon has launched a new section on Fire TV and Fire Tablets called '#AtHome' that curates free content from a variety of partners, including Showtime, CBS, HBO, and more. The new 'experience,' as Amazon calls it, will be made available to users located in the United States; the company says it will add more content over time. In addition to entertainment, the section also includes fitness and news content.

The new #AtHome section that will arrive on Fire TV and Tablet devices is intended to aggregate much of the free content offered by other companies — Amazon says that it has more than 100 partners that it is sourcing content from. The company plans to expand the content that is offered, plus it will soon expand the experience into other markets, including the UK, Canada, France, Germany, and more.

The #AtHome experience breaks the content up into different categories, including things like 'New and Trending' and 'Stay Informed.' Examples of free content that will be found through this portal include Star Trek: Picard, Blue Bloods, Billions, The Sopranos, Silicon Valley, and more. There will also be free movies in addition to TV shows.

Amazon says the experience will also curate live events, new releases, music, and more. Users can get access to news content from free news sources from companies like NBC News, ABC News, and CBS News. For its part, NBC News will be making its 'Nightly News with Lester Holt' Kids Edition available twice per week.

The company likewise says there will be 'thousands' of hours of educational content for viewers in the K-12 grades through its new portal, including Amazon FreeTime Unlimited content, videos from GoNoodle, content from PBS Kids, and more. For adults, they'll get wellness and fitness content like Peloton, Joyn, and Yoga International.