Fingerprint safe uses biometrics to secure your goods

So check out this safe that stores your valuable stuff under fingerprint scanner (not quite as catchy as lock and key). It's apparently so secure that its endorsed by the NRA for use with firearms.

The case is all metal and has flash memory and all the necessary biometric hardware as well as some sort of UI with and LCD and a D-Pad. It can store up to 50 users which are all granted access to the contents of the safe.

The only downside is that word is its possible to pull a print off of the reader and then for the thing to read that print again, which would grant access to someone careful enough to pull that hack off. But I suppose you could just tell everyone to touch it with a finger that isnt in the database before they walk away, problem solved. The only other downside of this safe is the $400 price tag, which wouldn't be bad if it were protected from any of the elements, but its not.

Fingerprint Safe [via ubergizmo]