Finally, a good reason to buy a PS3?

Good news for all of you PS3 owners out there. I'm sure you could use some good news after shelling out as much money as you likely did and got so little for it. Anyway, on to the good news.

A piece of software called BRDGen has been released that is capable of copying, or even modifying PS3 games. Oh, and you can copy Blu-Ray movies as well.

This could potentially turn around the poor sales of the PS3. Though I'm not sure Sony would condone the use of this software, it might give people an excuse to buy it. Just imagine if you could actually modify your PS3 games. Add levels, new weapons, who knows? I'm not sure how well that would actually work, but it's a nice thought.

BRDGen Lets You Burn PS3 Disks Like the Pros [via crunchgear]