Final Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer confirms Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio

Nintendo has shared the final trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, wrapping up what has been a rather large marketing push for the games. Seeing as this is the final one, we're not getting a ton of new information. However, there's plenty to see, as the trailer reveals Z-Moves for the starter Pokemon, a pair of new Ultra Beasts, and Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio.

Seeing the Z-Moves for all three starter Pokemon in action may help those who are on the fence make their decision. Decidueye, the final form of grass/flying starter Rowlett, will have the Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid, while Incineroar – Litten's final form – will learn Malicious Moonsault. Rounding out the trio is Primarina, who has a move called Oceanic Operetta at its disposal.

The two new Ultra Beasts we're learning about today are UB-03 Lighting and UB-05 Glutton. The mechanics surrounding Ultra Beasts are still mostly unknown, but we do know that they'll be roaming the Alolan region and pose some kind of threat to humans and Pokemon alike. Whether or not we can actually catch them remains to be revealed.

Finally, the trailer shows off Alolan Diglett and Alolan Dugtrio. Previous leaks have showed the sprites for these Pokemon, but now they've been confirmed, with Dugtrio's fabulous (and ridiculous) hair in tow. Alolan Dugtrio looks just as absurd as its leaked sprite suggested it would, and it even has an ability centered around its luscious hair.

Nintendo has also shared an image of a mysterious Pokemon, which you can see above. The company isn't sharing any details about this new Pokemon, saying that players will need to pick up Pokemon Sun and Moon on November 18 to find out what it is. It looks like it could be an Ultra Beast, but also could be a new, previously-unrevealed legendary Pokemon. We shall soon find out, as Sun and Moon release later this week.