Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition now on PS4, Xbox One, soon on Switch

Final Fantasy XV was the first "offline" Final Fantasy title in a long time and it changed some things that were considered staples in the popular franchise. The risks paid off with the title earning not a few accolades. It even got a mobile port of the game, which later became available on Windows 10. Now going full circle, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has landed on consoles to give you almost the same boy band road trip experience, this time in bite-sized form.

The Pocket Edition is, of course, a watered-down version of the original. Not even the highest-end smartphone today would have been able to support FF XV's graphics and content. But more than just the low-res chibified assets, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition also changed a bit of the game mechanics and pacing to make it easier to play on a mobile device and in chunks at a time.

It doesn't skimp on the story, though, and you can still experience the whole plot and twists without having to go for the more expensive and more resource-intensive versions. It does shave off the side quests so you can just focus on what matters most: fulfilling Noctis' destiny. Oh and keeping the band together.

The game is obviously meant for smartphones, since PC and consoles can pretty much handle the requirements. But not everyone might want to pay full price for a game they might not have enough time to play. The Pocket Edition is the perfect compromise, if you can stomach the graphics style, and is now available exactly for those consoles.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD is now up on the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store for $29.99. But it has a time-limited discounted, only $17.99 for now. Unlike the mobile version, that gives you all the content you'll need. The Nintendo Switch version will also be coming soon.