Final Fantasy VII Remake's opening cinematic has arrived

Excitement for Final Fantasy VII Remake is already pretty high, but this morning Square Enix decided to stoke the flames of hype even more by releasing the game's opening cinematic. We've seen glimpses of this opening cinematic many times in the past – throughout the game's entire development process as well – but this is the first time we're seeing the entire thing. At five and a half minutes long, it's quite a bit more substantial than a run-of-the-mill trailer, so settle in.

As any good opening cinematic does, this one not only introduces us to the place the story starts – a revamped Midgar – but also a number of the characters we'll play as. Aerith is first, followed by the resistance fighters from Avalanche, including none other than Cloud. As the movie plays out, we also get to hear Nobuo Uematsu's famous score.

It's really quite the sight, and it borrows a lot of shots from the original opening cinematic so there's plenty of nostalgia to be found here. Unfortunately, we're going to be waiting longer than originally anticipated for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Last month, Square Enix made the decision to delay Final Fantasy VII Remake, pushing it back from its original release date of March 3th to its new one of April 10th. Given that we've already been waiting a number of years for this game to release, a month isn't a huge deal, but it's important to remember that this is one of the most anticipated games of the generation.

Even though a month isn't much in the grand scheme of things, it'll probably seem a lot longer to many people once they see this opening cinematic. We're expecting a huge marketing push from Square Enix over the next couple of months, so expect to see more trailers soon. Stay tuned.