Final Fantasy VII Director talks about the possibility of a remake

There are few things that get old-school gamers excited more than an awesome remake of a classic game. And there is no game that has been asking for a remake more than Final Fantasy VII. If you've never played it and get any enjoyment out of an RPG, then just trust me and go find a copy. In a recent interview Yoshinori Kitase (Director of FFVII) talks about the possibility of that oft-desired remake.

My feelings are that if a remake were to work well then all the core members of the original team must be reassembled, all the artists and designers.

The problem is that, although all of us have an idea of what a remake should be and how to do it, organizing such a thing right now is logistically very difficult. All the different members are now involved in very new, very large projects like Final Fantasy XIII and those projects are going to take a while.

Maybe, when all those games are finished then we can look at doing something like that.

Of course, that said we came up with the idea for Crisis Core in just two days. It was a case of 'this is what we want to do, so let's do it'. So, you can definitely expect the probability of something spontaneous happening at some point, but it's hard to predict.

No, that's by no means a strong confirmation or denial that they'll be working on it, but at least you know that it's on his and likely the rest of the teams' mind. I honestly don't care if I have to wait another few years, just as long as it happens eventually.

[via bit-tech]