Final Fantasy VI destined for Android and iOS later this year

It has been more than a year since the original Final Fantasy arrived on Android, and soon mobile gamers will be able to enjoy the sixth installment of the game on their iOS and Android devices. This information comes from Square Enix's director and producer Takashi Tokita, who spoke to the folks over at Kotaku earlier today, saying the release will be a modified version of the original.

The modifications won't be severe, with Tokita saying that the game is "basically like a remake" of the original. The graphics will be changed up a bit, offered in 2D but sharpened and refined for game play on smartphones. He went on to elaborate on some aspects of this modification, offering up an example as well to give gamers a better idea of what to expect.

Said Tokita: "The battle systems have been altered for the other [mobile remakes] for Final Fantasy and VI will be the same. For instance grinding was an issue and people had to spend a lot of time leveling up. Now on the mobile devices the battle systems have been adjusted so you don't have to fight as much and can enjoy the game for what it is."

Next up in the Legacy series will be the Final Fantasy: The After Years port for mobile devices, something that is currently available for Wii gamers in the US. It may not end there, however, with Kotaku reporting that Tokita says if the project works out as expected, the company would like to bring VII to mobile devices at some point in the future.

SOURCE: Kotaku