Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster release date revealed for Steam and mobile

Throughout the latter half of this year, Square Enix has been releasing Pixel Remasters for the first six Final Fantasy games. Square Enix started things off with a bang, releasing the Pixel Remasters for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III all at the same time this past summer. Final Fantasy IV followed several weeks after, and now we know when Final Fantasy V will be launching.

Square Enix announced today that the Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster will be going live on Steam and mobile devices on Wednesday, November 10th – two weeks from today. As with all of the other Pixel Remasters, Final Fantasy V is up for pre-purchase at a 20% discount at the moment, bringing its price from $17.99 down to $14.39.

That discount will be available until November 30th – 20 days after the game releases – so you don't need to pre-order just to get the discount. If you'd rather wait and see what the early reaction is before picking up Final Fantasy V, you'll have time to do that while still being able to pick up the game on sale.

The Steam listing for Final Fantasy V has been updated with a lengthy subscription and screenshots. Like the Pixel Remasters that came before it, Square Enix says that this will include "universally updated 2D pixel graphics" and a "beautifully rearranged soundtrack" that was overseen by Nobuo Uematsu, the original Final Fantasy composer.

Once Final Fantasy V is out, Square Enix will only have one more game to go before its Pixel Remasters are complete: Final Fantasy VI. Arguably the best of the classic Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VI will definitely have high expectations riding behind it. We'll let you know when the released date for that is revealed, but otherwise, look for Final Fantasy V to drop on November 10th.