Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster dated and detailed

There have been a ton of Final Fantasy games throughout the years, but one you may have forgotten about was a spin-off game for the Nintendo Gamecube dubbed Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Square Enix is currently in the middle of remastering or straight up remaking many of its classic games, and Crystal Chronicles is the next one on the list. Today, we learned when the remastered version of Crystal Chronicles will launch, and it isn't too far off.

Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition – which is its official mouthful of a name – will be out on January 23rd, 2020. While the original game was a Gamecube exclusive, the remaster will be launching on Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, and Android (sorry, Xbox One users).

The original game featured four-player multiplayer, but hardly anyone was able to play it, as each additional player needed to use a Game Boy Advance and a GBA-Gamecube link cable to play. Luckily, multiplayer in the remastered edition won't be anywhere near as headache-inducing. You'll be able to play the game online and even cross-platform, so if you're playing on a Switch and your friends are playing PlayStation 4, you can still play together.

In addition to the upgraded graphics and the souped-up multiplayer, this new version of Crystal Chronicles will have new dungeons and bosses to tackle, along with additional voice overs. There will also be new skins and items to outfit your characters with.

So, while it isn't a ground-up remake, it sounds like this remaster of Crystal Chronicles could be worth checking out for anyone who enjoyed the original back in the day. It'll be joining a collection of other Final Fantasy remasters that are already available on a number of platforms, including Final Fantasy VIII and IX, so it'll be in good company when it arrives in January.