Files by Google app finally gets support for Chromecast

In mid-September, Google introduced Chromecast support in its Files app, but only for beta users. That same feature has finally gone live for everyone, making it possible for users to directly cast their local files to Chromecast and other devices that support casting. The new casting feature can be used with audio, video, and images stored on the user's smartphone or tablet.

Files by Google is exactly what it sounds like — an app that enables users to access the files stored on their device. There are many, many files apps available on Android, including the popular ES File Explorer, which also offers built-in support for Chromecast. Alternatively, users would turn to content players with Chromecast support, such as VLC for videos.

Files by Google is notable for users who want to stay within Google's ecosystem, plus it offers a built-in feature to easily get rid of junk files for freeing up space, as well as offline sharing and cloud backups. As of the most recent update, the app also supports Google Cast.

When the user navigates into a folder containing media available for casting, the small casting icon appears in the app. As with other apps, tapping this casting icon will retrieve a list of available sevices; select the one you want to send the media to and the image, video, or audio should show up within seconds.

Assuming you're casting images, the app allows the user to swipe through the content within the mobile app. Audio can likewise be sent to a TV with Chromecast or to a Cast-enabled speaker, such as a soundbar. The feature is live now; you can get the update from the Google Play Store.