FiiV iPad case has SIM card slot to make a WiFi network

If you have an iPad that supports mobile broadband, you can get on the internet wherever you are without issues assuming there is a wireless signal. If you bought an iPad with WiFi only and then decided that you want to be able to get online away from a WiFi network, you normally need some sort of hotspot device that you carry separately from your tablet.

A new iPad case has debuted that is called the FiiV that has the ability to create a WiFi hotspot for you. The FiiV has a SIM card slot inside and it will support any carrier. That means you can buy one of the cheap SIM cards from a pre-paid plan and have mobile broadband connectivity on the cheap.

When the developers say that the FiiV will work with any SIM card, they mean it, it works with cards from US and overseas carriers. As long as the carrier supports GSM, the FiiV will work. The case is also designed to give your iPad extra power when it's running low.

On the back of the case, the hotspot has lights to indicate signal strength and a microUSB port for charging. Inside the device is a Qualcomm MDM9225 chipset and the WiFi network it creates can support up to ten devices. The cars can be had for the iPad mini and iPad Air and is on Indiegogo now. It is seeking $50,000 and has raised only $382 so far with 29 days to go. The first 100 people can get the FiiV Air for $99.

SOURCE: Indiegogo