Fiat uses Google Street view to photo bomb Volkswagen

Someone at Fiat has a sense of humor, and that can be something rare in the automotive industry. Apparently, Fiat was paying attention to when the Google Street View camera cars were cruising around a Swedish city called Södertälje where VW's Swedish headquarters is located. When it was determined that the Street View vehicles were going to cruise by VW headquarters, someone zipped in and parked a Fiat 500 by the front door.

As you can see in the photo here from Google Street view, the Fiat is parked right by the front door under the Volkswagen awning. I wonder if the folks working in the VW headquarters in Sweden will see the humor in this, or if they're going to be angry, bitter shrews. Whatever the case, that little Fiat 500 will be viewable on Google Street view for about a year.

I'd like to know how Fiat pulled off the prank. I can only assume someone got lucky and noticed the Street View cars cruising the city and simply hung out waiting for the right time to pull in and let nature take its course. Maybe this is the start of a prank war between Fiat and Volkswagen in Sweden. It's your turn VW, make it a good one.

[via Jalopnik]