Ferrari-powered death machine is the way to go

Oh hell yea, this may be the most awesome bit of death machine engineering in history of things sure to kill or maim. What you are looking at here is a 250hp, Ferrari-powered quad with slicks all around. This little beast is called the Lazareth Wazuma V8F. The beastie gets a 3.0L Ferrari V8 engine hiding underneath that thin bodywork.

The power from that V8 hits the street through a 6-speed transmission that comes out of a BMW M3. The brakes to stop the thing once you are up to ludicrous speed are a set of 12.8-inch Brembo brakes all around. The quad weighs in at 1,433 pounds and with the power on tab, it is sure to destroy some underpants.

The contraption will set you back right at $261,000, but man it looks good. I wonder if it is even street legal. You might wonder how it is that a 3.0L Ferrari V8 is only putting down 250hp, that is about what the V8 of the same displacement offered in some Ferrari cars like the Mondial back in the day.

[via Autoblog]