Ferrari Offers Winter Driving Experience In Colorado

I would be willing to bet that any of the people that own high powered exotic cars like Ferraris aren't able to drive the cars to 50% of their potential on dry roads, much less in rain or on ice. Ferrari wants to be sure that its owners and enthusiasts can drive their awesome Italian sports cars in the ice and show. With winter coming soon to many areas and to educate drivers, Ferrari is having a new driver's event.

The event is called the Winter Driving Experience and is based on the Pilota On Ice events held in Italy. The course is a two-day program that uses the ugliest Ferrari next to the California, the two-door, four-seater Ferrari FF. This car was chosen thanks to its four-wheel drive system. The snow and ice drivers education event is going to provide the drivers with one of eight FF cars to use.

The event will be held at the Little Nell Resort in Aspen Colorado. The program isn't free and will cost $11,300 per driver and there will be 10-12 students in the program. The two-night hotel stay is included and the price includes a Champagne reception and two group dinners along with lunches at the track. A guest can be included with the students for $950. You could buy a nice used car for the price of learning to hoon a Ferrari in the snow.