Ferrari F150 details leak from private preview event

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 2, 2013
Ferrari F150 details leak from private preview event

It’s no doubt a happy day for fans, who have long been teased by the barest glimpses of the Ferrari Enzo’s successor, codenamed the F150, which has been seen in bits and pieces, sometimes cobbled together, but nothing of the entire car – until today. A private showing event has lead to some detail leaks, including that only 499 card will be made.

Likewise, the limited run of cars will be available in only three colors. The seats will be molded into it and fixed into place, with adjustable pedals instead to deal with different driver heights. Although not mentioned, as Car and Driver noted, the steering wheel will probably be adjustable as well, so that the fixed seats won’t be a big deal.

The Ferrari F150 will feature a hybrid V12 powertrain, producing a whopping 800 horsepower, with an extra punch of 150 horsepower with the KERS electric-boost system onboard. It’s said the F150 will have a neck-snapping 0-to-62mph time of only 3 seconds, reaching 124mph in seven seconds and topping out at 230mph.

The Geneva Motor Show is coming up, and there’s a chance we could see it revealed there. According to rumors, this will be the fastest Ferrari to hit the Fiorano test track. Of course, this information is subject to change, and might not be correct, as it is coming from individuals who are said to have attended the events, not from any official source.

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