Ferrari chairman: we'll never build an electric car

Ferrari is all about the speed and luxury, and apparently those words don't go well with "electric," according to Ferrari chairman Di Montezemolo, who said that as long as he's chairman, the exotic car maker will never build an electric car. So for those waiting for the LaFerrari all-electric car will sadly not see such a day come.

Of course, Ferrari's new LaFerrari has a hybrid component, so the company is at least meeting halfway, but an all-electric vehicle will most likely never be built inside of Ferrari's factories. It's certainly possible, however, that when a new boss takes over Ferrari, we could see a change in that belief, but for the time being, no electric cars are in the works for the company.

Montezemolo also discussed Ferrari's production plans for the rest of the year, and it seems they're going to keep numbers down for the most part. The chairman says that Ferrari will keep its production run below 7,000 cars this year in order to maintain exclusivity, which Montezemolo compared to desiring and waiting for "a beautiful woman."

While Ferrari plans to make less cars this year, Montezemolo says that the company's revenues and profits would match last year's. Under 7,000 cars in one year is quite exclusive, and not one of those cars will sport an electric motor. We suppose most people still love hearing the throaty sound of a V12 gasoline engine.

[via Yahoo]