Femtocell revenus to remain small through 2010 according to report

Many of the wireless providers around the country are either deploying femtocells or getting set to deploy them. The femtocell is a device that is sort of like a router for mobile phone calls. The main benefit of these is that they can improve the reception of calls inside a home or office.

A new report from Unstrung Insider has found that revenues from femtocells will remain small through next year. This comes as no real surprise considering that femtocells are still expensive and can almost double many mobile phone bills. The other issue is that consumers like me feel that the femtocell should be free of charges.

I think these things should be free because not only do they reduce the load on cellular towers by routing calls across the Internet, thereby saving providers money, but also I think dead spots are something that the providers should be fixing anyway. Femtocells are fixing an issue that the provider should be addressing and putting the cost of the fix on the users of the service. Despite the fact that revenues are expected to be small through 2010, the report expects femtocell shipments to grow 8 times to reach four million units in 2010.