Fear the Walking Dead: watch first 3 mins before Sunday premiere

This Sunday ushers in the premiere of AMC's new Fear the Walking Dead TV show, a companion series to the network's long-standing and still popular The Walking Dead series. After numerous trailers and a progressive look at the apocalypse version of Los Angeles, the network has released the first full three minutes of the upcoming world premiere. There's not much in it considered spoiler-worthy, especially if you've already seen the trailers.

AMC released the new video on its YouTube account recently. The first three minutes rounds out what we've already seen in clips — the character Nick, who is a junkie and who, upon seeing patient zero, is dismissed as simply having been high and mistaken about what he saw.

It was recently suggested that the walker we've seen in the previews is the walker — the very first one, also known as patient zero. As has been previously promised, this series will start further back from when the event first occurred, showing us the 'before' world briefly before leading into the actual zombie outbreak.

The series debuts this upcoming Sunday at 9PM Eastern Time. Surprised by the new upcoming series? If you haven't been keeping up on the Fear the Walking Dead news, hit up the timeline below for additional information, the trailers, posters, and more!