Fear Street Movies May Be Released Only One Month Apart

Netflix and DVR both make it easy to bingewatch television, but what about movies? The only way you can bingewatch a movie series is still to wait (years) for all of the installments to premiere, then watch them at once home. That may be changing soon, according to a new report, with a theatrical adaption of Fear Street reportedly being prepped to hit theaters only one month apart from each other.

The Fear Street movies will be based on the books by the same name from author R.L. Stine, the man behind Goosebumps. Whereas Goosebumps was targeted at young kids, Fear Street was written for slightly older teens, and it proved to be a solid hit. The book series initially ran for 16 years, stopping in 2005 and then starting again in 2014. It was in October 2015 when we first heard word about a movie.

The movie was in the pipeline via 20th Century Fox with a script from Kyle Killen. Things slowed down, though, with a revival of the rumors starting last week. According to the most recent report, the movie is back in the works and will be the first of a three-part series with Leigh Janiak serving as director. While that news alone isn't terribly interesting, Fox's plans for the series is.

According to sources speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is planning to have each film be created back-to-back from the last one, meaning they'll all be wrapped up in short order. The company then plans to have each film debut in theaters only one month after the last one, bringing about the closest thing to bingewatching that theaters have ever offered.

The movies will be rewritten by Janiak, according to the sources, though they say there are already some writers working on stories for the scripts, which will themselves allegedly take place in different time periods. It is unclear what kind of story these movies will feature, and whether they'll be adapted from the books or will be entirely new.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter