FDA starts recalling and destroying certain kratom products

The FDA has announced a crackdown against certain kratom products in the US, saying it will be recalling and destroying kratom-containing products from a company called Divinity Products Distribution located in Grain Valley, Missouri. The news follows an announcement from the CDC saying it has linked a recent salmonella outbreak to kratom; more than two dozen illnesses have been reported.

According to the FDA, the kratom products being recalled are sold across the nation under the brands Botany Bay, Divinity, and Enhance Your Life. These products are being marketed as dietary supplements, a claim that requires a New Dietary Ingredient Notification, which the FDA says it doesn't have in regards to kratom.

The FDA is maintaining its stance that kratom is a drug with "serious risks," referring to it as an opioid. This follows a previous attempt by the DEA to schedule the substance, which would make it illegal in the US. Critics have expressed concerns that the substance isn't safe and may be addictive.

The FDA says it is monitoring the recently announced salmonella outbreak, which has seen cases across 20 states. The CDC's investigation has found a link between patients and kratom consumption, but as of Tuesday, the agency didn't have any specific brands or suppliers to identify as responsible for the tainted batches.

As for the recall, the FDA says it hasn't received any reports of anyone becoming ill from consuming Divinity Products Distribution's kratom products. However, consumers are advised that kratom hasn't been studied or authorized as a suitable substance for any particular condition or purpose.