FDA says there's a new Salmonella outbreak: onions recalled across US

The FDA has published an advisory warning that a new Salmonella outbreak has resulted in nearly 400 cases across the United States. Though the agency says that it and the CDC are still investigating and that a final conclusion isn't yet available, the issue may be linked to onions from Thomson International. As a result, the company has recalled many of its onions 'out of an abundance of caution.'

As of August 1, the FDA says there have been 396 cases of Salmonella infection as part of this outbreak; of those, 59 people were hospitalized. Thirty-four states have reported cases, including California, the Dakotas, Florida, Ohio, Utah, Texas, Wyoming, and others. Officials haven't yet identified the source of this contamination, but state that they're looking into it.

Amid this, Thomson International has recalled sweet yellow, yellow, red, and white onions shipped from May 1 to the present date. These onions, which were distributed to grocery stores, restaurants, and wholesalers, may be contaminated with Salmonella, potentially leading to illness in those who consume the product. Salmonella infections are particularly risky to the elderly, young kids, and those with pre-existing health conditions.

The onions were distributed in a variety of packaging under different brand names, including ones like Kroger, Thomson Premium, Utah Onions, Imperial Fresh, Food Lion, Majestic, Hartley's Best, and more. The FDA warns that no one should eat these onions and that in cases where the origins of the onions can't be identified, the product should be discarded out of safety.

Because Salmonella can be transferred among surfaces, the FDA also notes that any object or surface that came into contact with these onions should also be properly disinfected. Full details on the packaging, onions, affected states, as well as images of the recalled onion brands, can be found on the FDA's website here.