FDA says salad mix recalled over bacteria, but there's good news

Some cases of mixed salad have been recalled by Fresh Express because of potential contamination with E. coli bacteria. No illnesses were reported in association with the recalled products, which were distributed mostly in the western and southwestern United States. Most consumers likely have nothing to worry about, however.

Fresh Express doesn't explain in its recall notice what led to the discovery of the possible issue, but it does have good news: the recalled products are several days past their use-by dates, meaning if you purchased one of these salads, you're likely no longer in possession of it due to salad's short shelf life.

If, however, you do somehow still possess an edible Fresh Express Kit Caesar Supreme salad mix covered by this recall, you should throw it away uneaten and clean any surfaces that may have come into contact with it. The recalled salad was packaged in 10.5oz bags with a use-by date of NOV 8 printed on the upper right corner.

Consumers can check for possible recall by looking at the UPC code: 0 7127930104 4. The salad had a 'possible distribution' in several states, including places like Montana, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, and more.

Salmonella can cause a number of symptoms, including stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. While most healthy people are able to recover from the infection within a week or so, some at-risk people, including young kids and the elderly, may face a more severe illness.