FDA says more CBD products recalled over high levels of lead

The FDA has drawn attention to a large new recall involving many consumer CBD products over the risk of lead poisoning. This is the second recall over this issue so far this summer — we saw a similar recall in mid-May similarly caused by excessive lead levels. The latest recall comes from InHE Manufacturing Inc and covers several different brands offering CBD products.

CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, is a popular supplement at the moment. Though CBD itself is safe to use, according to a growing body of research, individual products are subject to quality control and individual companies may run into issues at some point.

That's the case with InHE Manufacturing, which issued its recall in late June; news of the issue largely went unnoticed until the FDA published its own advisory about the recall on Friday. According to the recall alert, the recalled products may have excessively high levels of lead caused by the liquid droppers acquired from a third-party supplier.

A number of brands are covered by this recall, including Tasty Drops, 'Made by Hemp,' Purfurred (a pet brand), A Clean Choice, Goodness Gurus, Herbzeedy, Javan Anti Aging, BC Hemp Co, Recovery ReLeaf, Acadia Farms, and more. Only select products from these brands have been recalled however, specifically ones featuring the risky droppers provided by the third-party supplier.

The list is extensive and can be found on the FDA's website. Examples of the recalled products include things like flavored 1oz tinctures of varying strengths. The lead issue was first identified by the Florida Department of Health. Because of the potential for severe outcomes caused by lead poisoning, consumers should avoid using any of these recalled products.