FCC guts new iPod touch

Typically when a new gadget comes out that is of note, particularly if the gadget has the Apple logo, we see tear downs of the thing coming in short order. iFixit is the company we generally see these teardowns from and while we may cringe at seeing new gadgets killed for science, the teardowns are interesting.

The geeks at iFixit have to be a bit forlorn this morning with the pics from the FCC's gutting of a new iPod touch surfacing. The FCC has taken the new touch apart bit by bit and shop some photos of the teardown that are surprisingly good considering the FCC isn't known for its photography.

If you could just get the FCC to shoot video teardowns, we would be golden. The FCC labels the new iPod the Apple A1367 and you can check out the gallery and the source for more of those gutted pics.