FCC docs hint at new Nest Hub smart display from Google

It looks like Google may be gearing up to launch another smart display, possibly a Nest Hub model joining its existing Hub and Hub Max offerings. The hints surfaced in some FCC documents, which don't reveal exactly what we can expect but do drop enough indications to give us a pretty good idea about what Google is working on.

The hints come from Google documents recently published by the FCC, as spied by 9to5Google. The device referenced in the materials is identified with the FCC ID 'A4RGUIK2,' and it includes a letter requesting confidentiality related to the device's information.

One document lists the product as an 'interactive device,' which — based on previously released Google products — is the first hint that we may be getting another Nest smart device in the relatively near future. Another document providing a label sample reveals that the device will have a screen, as users will be able to access the regulatory information.

The only other detail revealed by the document is the presence of wireless connectivity, specifically Zigbee, Bluetooth, and WiFi — all hinting at a smart home device. It's simple to connect that fact with the indications of a display to assume we're looking at a potential future smart display from Google.

Questions remain about the device, including its size, how big of an update it will be over existing Nest Hub smart displays (assuming it is, in fact, a display), and when Google will reveal it. The aging Nest Hub and somewhat newer Nest Hub Max were launched in late summer and early fall, so it's reasonable to assume we'll see the next installment in the line around the same time this year.