FCC 700MHz Auction - the full results, no loose chaff

The big winners were AT&T, Verizon, Qualcomm, and Frontier Wireless, Google didn't win a thing. VZW took most of the popular C-Block, and ATT picked up 227 licenses from the B-Block.

VZW seems to be the biggest spender dropping a few million short of half of what the entire spectrum sold for at 9.63 billion dollars, that secured them all of C-Block save for Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico, basically the areas where they wouldn't make any money anyways. AT&T spent about 6.64 billion dollars in the auction which got them a 12MHz spectrum of Block B.

Verizon only spent 4.75 billion on Block C and then they got 25 licenses in A-Block. Frontier Wireless and Qualcomm were in the mix as well with both believed to have been buying up spectrum for Video services, for Frontier it is likely on behalf of their partners EchoStar and for Qualcomm it is like that they are trying to extend their MediaFLO mobile TV system. D-Block couldn't even meet its 1.3 billion dollar price due to the strict public service conditions and thus will be re-sold at a later date.

[via PhoneMag]