Favi Boomerang and Boomerang Mini wireless surround sound systems debut

Favi has unveiled a pair of new surround sound solutions for smartphones and tablets. The new sound solutions include the Favi Boomerang and the Boomerang Mini. The larger Boomerang system is designed to be used with larger devices like tablets. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to your mobile device.

The speaker itself is crescent shaped and has a built in microphone allowing it to be used as a speakerphone. The Boomerang has 6W of power and uses an internal rechargeable battery for power. The battery is good for up to ten hours of playback per charge.

The Boomerang also has integrated NFC technology to make pairing with compatible devices easier. The speaker system adjusts to multiple angles and has a folding design for portability. Dimensions are 7.83 x 8.2 x 2-inches. The Boomerang Mini is very similar in style and execution. The main difference is that it offers 4w stereo sound.

The Mini shares the same ten hours of playback per charge and crescent shape design. It also has a built-in speakerphone. The Boomerang Mini is designed for playback from most smartphones and measures 5.91 x 6.12 x 1.49-inches making it slightly smaller than the normal Boomerang. Both devices are available in black, yellow, or white colors and can be pre-ordered now. The Boomerang will sell for $79.99 and the Boomerang Mini will sell for $59.99.