Fastest 2.5-inch hard drive from Fujitsu

With today's processors and graphic cards getting faster and faster, we tend to look elsewhere for bottlenecks slowing us down. Usually adding a stick of RAM takes care of your memory, but many people don't think about their hard drive slowing things down.

Fujitsu wants to make sure that your notebook won't be slowed down by a crummy hard drive. They've introduced a 2.5-inch drive that spins at 7200RPM. Typically, 2.5-inch hard drives run at 5400RPM, and some low-end ones will spin up at 4200RPM.

The drive will work with SATA 3.0 and transfer at speeds of 300MB/s with a capacity of 160GB. No word on pricing yet, but it will definitely be worth the price to have the performance increase. Expect to see these at the end of May.

Fujitsu MHW2 BJ hard drive – World's fastest [via pclaunches]