FarmedHere to launch massive indoor farm in Kentucky

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 29, 2016, 5:30pm CST
FarmedHere to launch massive indoor farm in Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky will soon be home to a large indoor vertical garden installed in part of a 24 acre campus, FarmedHere has announced. This indoor vertical garden, like others, will maximum how every inch of space is used and will offer several benefits over traditional gardens, including being able to grow food all year rather than just during summer months. This vertical garden will be at the West Louisville FoodPort.

FarmedHere has other vertical indoor farms around the country, though not many at this point. Said the company’s CEO Matt Matros, “This new location will bring us one step closer to reaching our goal of building vertical farms in 18 cities across the country and feeding 75% of the United States’ population.”

Indoor vertical farms are viewed as a potential solution for the growing population around the world — as farm land is converted into urban landscapes, climate change alters growing and harvesting seasons, and more, traditional agriculture is limited in its output. Indoor farms are ultimately more efficient and productive, requiring less resources while producing more vegetables.

In this case, the Louisville farm will span 60,000 square feet inside the aforementioned campus, and will include ten rows of vertical growing beds where baby food, herbs and such will be grown. The plants will be pesticide-free and will be provided to the 18 million or so people who live within a couple hundred miles of the site.

SOURCE: FarmedHere

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