Fan recreates Mega Man 1 in Super Mario Maker

When Nintendo released Super Mario Maker, it was the first time that the masses could easily create their own levels for the intrepid plumber. Sure, there were ways to do it involving an emulator, but this method is far easier. So once it was released into the wild, many people set out to make crazy difficult stages that took many attempts to pass. But one person decided that this was the perfect opportunity for a Mega Man crossover.

A guy by the name of Tony Ponce happens to be a huge Mega Man fan. So much that when Mario Maker came out, he set about recreating the entire first game in the world of Mario. It took him roughly a month to complete, plus some extra time to rework the levels once the checkpoint update rolled out. But in the end, he did it. Here's what you can expect:

  • 10 stages based on the 6 Robot Master levels and 4 Wily stages from MM1
  • Puzzling new boss encounters
  • At least 2 "ultra" power-ups (i.e. Fire Flowers and Super Leafs) hidden in every stage
  • 3 secret 1-Ups in every stage as an optional side mission
  • 2 checkpoints per stage
  • A bonus stage where you can practice against any of the six main bosses

What's more, in addition to simply creating the stages, Tony has created an entire story to fit the levels. Since there is no Dr. Wiley or evil robot bosses, he's crafted a tale about the Power StarTree, and Bowser's attempt to use it to take over the mushroom kingdom.

The biggest thing that you'll find missing from all of these levels is not the Blue Bomber himself. Instead, it's hard to imagine anything Mega Man without the iconic music. Alas, there's nothing to be done about that, unless you want to put on your own soundtrack while playing. If you want to check out the levels, here are the links to all of them:

  • BOMB Ballet! — 1AF2-0000-00D7-BFB8
  • Got GUTS? — 6377-0000-00D7-C28D
  • Close CUT! — 74A2-0000-00D7-C4BF
  • ELECtric Encounter! — 2539-0000-00D7-C785
  • ICE Invasion! — 9393-0000-00D7-CA07
  • Fortress Finale! Act 1 — 0245-0000-00D7-CF30
  • Fortress Finale! Act 2 — 055B-0000-00D7-D291
  • Fortress Finale! Act 3 — 6258-0000-00D7-D46E
  • Fortress Finale! Act 4 — 0998-0000-00D7-DB82
  • Boss Practice Chambers — F035-0000-00D7-DCC3
  • VIA: Destructoid