Family Still At Your House? You Need The Altoids Tin Martini Kit

I can deal with most asshats without any issues or violence. If people I know get on my nerves too much I just don't have to see them again. When it comes to family, we don't have that luxury. You can't just stop seeing family in most instances and no one can get on your nerves like family.

If you still have family hanging around the house, as I do, you may need a coping mechanism ready at all times. I prefer video games and foul language, but if your idea of coping leans more towards alcohol, this is the perfect DIY project for you. A geek has taken a tin sort of like an Altoids can and used it to create a martini kit.

With this kit in your pocket, you are ready to drink any time your mother in law starts to get on your nerves. In my case, I'd be passed out in short order and lack the pocket space to carry enough of these things to drown out her gum flapping. Help me please. Construction video below if you need a Black Friday project.