Fallout Shelter gets crafting, parrots, and more

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 1, 2016, 12:34 pm CST
Fallout Shelter gets crafting, parrots, and more

Fallout Shelter was a pretty big surprise for everyone, when Bethesda released it into the wild last year. No one was more surprised at the reception, than Bethesda. Originally a fun side project, the game has gone on to be wildly popular, and encouraged the company to further explore the mobile market. Well this week the game will get its biggest update so far, which brings a host of new features.

By now, many players have filled up and maxed out their shelters, which means that they need some new challenges. Well don’t worry, you’ll have plenty to do after the update drops. The biggest change comes in the form of crafting. You’ll now be able to craft things like armor and weapons for the citizens that call your shelter home.

To help you with your crafting, you’ll be able to build two new types of rooms, one for armor crafting, and the other for weapon crafting. You’ll need materials to craft with, which is why your explorers will sometimes bring back junk with them, and lunchboxes will also include a special new 5th card, which is also junk. (But good junk. The kind you need for crafting.)

If you want to make sure that your vault dwellers look their very best, you’ll be able to construct a barbershop. Here, you can play dress-up with your dwellers, and ensure that they’re looking good. You’ll also find new outfits in lunchboxes, and you’ll have the option to craft your own clothes, if you’re not finding what you want.

Pets are always great, so Bethesda has added in some new dogs and cats for you to keep around. You’ll also find that you can keep parrots as pets now. Your pets now come with new bonuses as well.

There’s no word on when this update will drop, though Bethesda says it should be out sometime this week for both iOS and Android users.

Source: Bethesda

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