Fallout 76 update solves players' storage woes

If you're a Fallout 76 player constantly bumping up against storage restrictions, then the latest update to the game is definitely for you. Today Bethesda unleashed a new Fallout 76 update aptly titled "The Inventory Update," which not only makes a bunch of changes to the way various inventories work, but also kicks off 2021 in terms of new content and incoming updates for Fallout 76.

We already had some idea of what was coming along with the Inventory Update thanks to teasers Bethesda published last week, but today, we received full details. The biggest change seems to be a Stash increase, with Bethesda adding 50% more storage to player Stashes. Stashes can now hold a maximum of 1,200 pounds, better facilitating any hoarders that might be roaming the wasteland.

There are also some UI improvements coming to the Pip-Boy, which are essentially down to three new tabs. First up is the "New" tab, which will show users the items they've picked up during their play sessions. The "Armor" tab is pretty self-explanatory in that it separates armor from the rest of the game's apparel, while the "Food/Drinks" tab gives consumables that aren't Chems and Serums their own special place in your inventory.

There are also some changes to stack weight shipping along with this update, but it isn't a massive change. Bethesda says that when selecting a stackable item in your inventory, the item details will now show the total weight of the entire stack. Finally, Bethesda has made it so that previewing a vending machine on the map will show you how many legendary items a player is selling in each of the 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star categories.

At the end of it all, this is a pretty simple update that nonetheless adds some big quality of life changes to Fallout 76. The update is available today, so Fallout 76 players should download it and take it for a spin.